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New Hair Care Bits

i'll admit, i am a product junkie when it comes to my natural hair products. who am I kidding, i'm a product junkie period. truth be told, ever since going natural, i go through my hair products faster than when i had permed hair for some reason. while i love the products i currently use on my natural hair, they don't come cheap. albeit all from the drug store, combined, they can be expensive. 
ever since going natural i've mad wit a point to shop my hair products whenever they're on sale. i typically don't limit my self to one store as target, sally's, Walgreens and my local beauty supply store all carry the likes of my favorite products. when i'm looking for a good bargain however i prefer walgreens, especially since i have their rewards card. sometimes target has great deals on their natural hair products but i find that such sales are few and far between. signing up the rewards program at walgreens is free, and is pretty darn easy to use. while they may seem like a walgreens plug/sponsored post, i can assure it it's not. like most bloggers, i love to share great deals on products that i stand by.
currently walgreens is having a "buy 2 get the third item free on all their hair care products (not just their multicultural products) through the 29th of this month. the best part of it that you can mix and match which i definitely appreciate as i can stock up on my usual products and also try out new things.
although i bought my staples that i use on an almost daily basis, i wanted to share some of the new bits that i picked up. prior to this sale, i've never tried any of these products but have heard good things about the brands in general. 


if you're a naturalistsa you've heard of "carol's daughter" at some point. they have a wide array of hair care products with a few cult favorites. i picked up the black vanilla hydrating shampoo and conditioner because i've heard great things about this range in particular. anything that promises hydration is right up my ally as i have the driest hair ever. i haven't started using these yet but will be putting them to test during my upcoming wash day. 

Styling products 

i was super eager to get my hands on these three products but on a usual shopping day i typically pass them by. both brands are pretty pricey in my opinion so utilizing this sale to try them our was a win - win. of the three i was most eager about the camille rose naturals products. for one they smell AMAZING and claims again, to have some hydrating properties.
 out of the three i have used the miss jessie's jelly soft curls which i am loving so far. this is the second product i have tried from he brand and so far neither have disappoint.

Leave ins &  moisturizer

miss jessie's leave in condish is by far my favorite leave in conditioner to date however when i saw this i knew i had to try it. shea moisture carry some of my favorite hair care products as with this one being new to their range i figured what better way to try it than during this sale. i'll be giving it a go this week for sure (in case i need to grab another bottle before the sale ends, lol). As with majority of the afore mentioned products, the carol's daughter hair milk has had some great reviews as well. it seems like a weightless product that i am super happy to start trying out. 

i'd be lying to my self if i said that i wasn't going to make a trip back to walgreens before the sale ends to pick u a few more things. i have my eyes on a few goodies from the "curls blueberry bliss" range that i may pick up. 
please leave your recommendations below and let me know if you'll be shopping the sale as well. 


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