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The Run Down | Chantecaille Face Masks

like a good moisturizer, i love a good face mask. i think face masks are some of, if not the only skin care product i splurge on ocassionally (next to moisturizers). they're easy, they're fun and when you find one that works well, it's even better. i'm a little picky with my face masks because i truly appreciate ones that work and lives up to it's name - not just works for the moment. i gravitiate and stick to ones that provide long term benefits. i've been through multiple tubs of both of these masks and i can honestly say they work for me. trying to juggle obtaining my masters degree and working full time is challenging. the stress of it all sometimes makes my skin break out on occasions, but i know these two will get my skin back to behaving right. they are just what i need after a long week to de-congest my skin....
detox clay mask 
kaolin - great absorbent clay
honey - naturally rich in skin soothing and nourishing properties
rosemary - contains purifying properties
mushroom extract -moisturizing and minimize the appearance of pores. 
while both masks perform differently and bring something totally different to the table, the detox mask is my most used of the two. it does not dry my skin out and gives my skin a subtle glow after i've washed it off. i had mild breaks out with this during the "purging" phase but they quickly cleared up. it truly is a detox mask because it leaves my skin feeling fresh and less congested. i apply a generous amount to my face and neck, leave it on for about 20 minutes then remove it with my eve lom muslin cloths + warm water. 
fruits and flower acids mask
glycolic acid - gently exfoliates
hibiscus flower - rich in pyruvic acid which is also a gentle exfoliator. 
grapefruit extract - rich in vitamin c which contains antioxidant properties
papaya extract - contains skin smoothing and softening properties 
saccharide isomerate - acts as a water magnet that helps the skin retain moisture 
 the fruits and flower acids mask seemed daunting at first. you hear the word "acid" and you think well shit is my face going to burn or peel off? i have to say i have been pleasantly surprised by this particular mask because it could not be more gentler on the skin. it is great at removing dead skin and really reviving and brining the glow back into it. my skin can get dull a times due to not enough sleep and not eating the best but i can seriously count on this mask in particular to wake my skin up and looking fresh 
i make it a point to alternate both masks so that my skin doesn't get use to them. friday nights are my "pamper" nights and i get excited each week knowing these are waiting for me.
i'm curious to know some of your favorites so please share them below


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